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Welcome to my small collection of work. Just have a look around, beneath this you will find my CV and recommendations followed by a presentation of some of my more graphical work. I am a 24 year old Danish girl, born and raised on the countryside of Denmark and moved to Copenhagen to study on the IT University of Copenhagen in 2014. I've always loved to be creative, and have been lucky enough to be involved in various projects that needs the combination of technological knowledge and creative skills. Beneath this section I'll try to give a short introduction to some of the competencies and experiences which are a big part of me and thus my work. Graphics aren't my first priority - I have been a digital project manager the past year, and the client communication and brand strategy has been my primary tasks.

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Since I was very young I've loved to be creative with all sorts of materials. Today I do a lot of graphical work, both paid and voluntary in order to challenge and develope my skills. I work mostly in Illustrator, InDesign, XD and Photoshop - doing everything from Social Media GIF's and posters to interactive wireframes and webdesign.


I love to build, create and generate new ideas. It doesn't have to be during a university course or part of a job - or necessarily have to do with technology. I have build furniture, sewn clothes and done lots of other DIY projects. Besides this, I have been a gymnastics instructor in over 10 years now and have been co-creating shows, choreographies etc. for gymnastic teams of all ages.


When I was 15, my dad and I decided that we wanted to take the Danish hunting license. My family have been traveling and hiking since I was young - I love being out and about in nature. To be hunting in the wild is truly an intense and challenging way of experiencing the wildlife around you. It requires a lot of knowledge and awareness about your surroundings.


With some sporty parents came a sporty childhood. Like most kids I've been doing all sorts of sports, but the one I stuck with was competitative team gymnastics. I've both been doing gymnastics myself most of my life and been teaching it for the more than 10 years now. Sports is my getaway - and a place to clear my thoughts and make room for new ideas.


Travelling is in my opinion an important part of growing as a person and expanding one's horison. Both the cultural, historical and social knowledge gained while travelling has made me very aware of how I am as a person and how I'd like to be percieved. Especially several longer journeys to Africa, a trip to Japan and a months interrail through south-east Europe has been extremely rewarding.

Volunteer Work

I can't get enough of taking part in different social projects and organisations in the environment I'm in. Most of my life I've been volunteering as a gymnastics instructor and a board member in the local gymnastics organisation. During highschool I did a lot of minor graphical work and websites. At the IT University I volunteered as barista and bartender in the student-driven organisations.

Work work

Work & Projects

Below I've collected some of my previous graphical work and some short descriptions of the task I had been given. Most of it is voluntary non-payed work. As mentioned before, graphics are not my primary focus - but it is something I truly enjoy and has been a great way to build a network and get in contact with bigger projects and jobs.

Bachelor project IT University of Copenhagen

Due to the many initiatives the latest years in terms of reducing food and household waste, I decided to work within the area of food waste during my Bsc project. More specifically I wanted to strive towards making a design concept combining supermarkets and dumpster divers in the fight against food waste, since both groups already had the motivation for the reduction. With the help of qualitative research such as phone interviews, email interviews, and focus group interviews, the project developed from loose ideas into rough sketches until it finally became a thought-through future design concept with wireframes and user scenarios. I thus made an interactive mockup of an app which main purpose was to act as a source of information regarding how to judge expired food and also motivate users to go to collect expired food from supermarkets.


Logo remake & Business card at Supertusch CPH

During my time at the digital design agenct, Supertusch CPH, I got various graphical assignments. One of them involved redesigning the company's previous logo (upper left image). The new logo should be more smooth, graphic and with one eyecatching primary color (upper right image). The logo and this color then of course had to be incorporated into our branding - e.g. the new business cards (lower image). The company website is also currently being redesigned in order to best portray the big projects and clients the company is working with.

Website for teachers With Knowmio

After working with the company Knowmio during an exam project at the IT University of Copenhagen, the company recruited me to develop a simple social platform where they could post videos and articles about the research project their product had become part of. Based on meetings and brainstorming sessions with the company I created the website www.denlærendeskole.dk for them to post their research material and hopefully motivate teachers to take part in the discussion of digital tools in the classrooms.


Marketing graphics at Café Analog

My time at the IT University of Copenhagen was filled with lots of voluntary work, especially in the student-driven coffee shop; Café Analog. After some time as a regular barista, I got chosen to be part of the café's board and later co-chairman. As a board member I did - amongst other tasks - a lot of graphical work such as cup-design, roll-up banner and information posters for the kitchen. During the last part of my time in Café Analog we did a huge campaign to inform our guest why we had to raise our prices. This communication was very important to us in order to keep our customers loyal. Thus, I did a lot of work including taking part in authoring the texts for websites, posters, social media posts and cup-print.


Various icons & illustrations used on websites, posters etc.

I've done a number of both non-payed and payed work involving designing icons and specific illustrations to websites. I've gathered some of them here - click the images to see them in bigger versions.

Beer label a dark label for a dark beer.

A small but fun task of designing a beer label for a dark IPA - the only wish was that it should have something to do the plague doctor masks from the seventeenth century.

Various posters to spread some joy and color.

A lot of posters for friends, family and fun. Just click the images to get a bigger version.

Get in touch


You are very welcome to contact me if you have questions or maybe need a hand with some graphical stuff - I'm always up for challanges.

+45 4037 3679